Progressive Development Initiative Nepal - School of Research and Training
  • Nepal, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu
  • 977-0691234


Progressive Development Initiative Nepal (PDI Nepal) is one of the proactive development company established in 2018 specializing in the field of research, Training, development and management programs.

As a development management partner, our core competencies are to understand, analyze and explain society, developments, and systems, as well as helping clients by providing an in-depth understanding of development and research making the process. Most of our consultants either have backgrounds as or worked with, key figures and decision-makers in research, government authorities and non-profit organizations.

We believe that it is essential to have a personal understanding of the development system, as well as the structural factors that can shape the outcome of a developmental system and the building of stakeholder influence. What we offer at PDI Nepal is based on our extensive experience from a wide range of projects and processes. PDI conducts dynamic research and analysis of a wide range of issues related to development, national and international issues, Empowerment, Enterprises, and innovation.